Why do I breed Papillons?

My name is Simona Kratochvílová and I live with my family in a small village at the bottom of the mountain range called Brdy. Since my childhood I have always loved animals. I used to bring home stray dogs, cats, different rodents from my friends in spite of my parents' disagreement. I have been horse riding since I was 12.

As soon as I moved house, at the age of 19, I bought my first dog - German Shepherd, bitch Beata Androis. I realized my dream and started to be keen on training tracker dogs. Fortunately I got married to a man who shares the same interests like me. At present we have 2 bitches of German Shepherd, a female and a male dog of Belgian Shepherd -Malinois. All our dogs enrich our family live and free time help us to keep fit and enjoy the benefit of a large secure garden.

Every year my husband and I organize International Championship IPO - CACIT Dobris.

Our small daughters begged us to buy them their own dog. As there are small, they asked a small dog. The choice was Papillion. In 2007 we brought Mamba from Mrs. Hartmanova and immediately became addicted to this breed. They are really energetic, always good fun, intelligent and brave. The amount of our Papillon is increasing. I cannot imagine the life without these great companions.

Papillion is a dog that will absolutely attract you because of its elegant exterior, energy, cheerful and friendly character what is more it is always satisfied and even tempered. This is love for all live.

The last member of our family is a welsh pony called Goblin with a height of 130 cm. He is willing to carry our girls and tolerates our dogs.

onas Goblin

My breeding kennel

I set up our breeding kennel "Orthos´s Blood" in 1995. I have always tried to prefer dogs' good mood personalities. Concerning breeding Papillion I try to raise not only healthy and beautiful puppies as well as self confident, even tempered and well socialized.

As a breeder I consider the period between 4 - 7 week of puppy´s life as the most important. Experiences obtained in this period influence dog´s future character and it is not possible to change it. For example: if puppies are isolated from a human, they can easily become suspicious and fearful all live. We aim for creating conditions where our puppies can experience as much as possible (e.g. meeting strangers, animals as well as big dogs, move on the various surfaces and so on). That helps them to become self confident and even tempered.


Why is the name of my breeding kennel "z Krve Orthosovy"? (translated "from Orthrus´s blood")

According to Greece Mythology Orthos was a two-headed dog, a son of a hundred-headed giant Tyfon and his wife Edchina. He was a brother of a three-headed dog Kerber. Kerber was a guard of the Underworld entrance.

He was well-known for his courage and brave heart

His mission was to protect beautiful herds of three-bodied giant Geryon on the west island - Erythei, close to current Gibraltar. On the other day Herakles turned up on the island to take away the herds into Myken. Orthos protected the herds really bravely. Orthos preferred to lost his life a fight instead of letting Heracles take the herds in a peace way.