We breed our puppies with FCI pedigree.

26.9. - Our CH Daschenka de Pompadour (import from Slovakia) gave birth her last litter - "O" z Krve Orthosovy. Father is Multi CH Zucca Tan Mária Sirrah (import from Slovakia). The last male is available like pet:

Orin Orion z Krve Orthosovy (23.12.2018):
181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-09 181209-orin-orion-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-08
dsc 7107-01 dsc 7109-01 dsc 7110-01

Litter O is ten weeks old:
181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-02 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-03 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-04 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-05 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-06 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-07 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-08 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-09 181209-orin-orion-z-krve-orthosovy-01
181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-02 181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-03

Litter O is six weeks old:
litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02 litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03

1-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 2-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 3-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks

Daschenka dePompadour 11months v zucca-tan-maria-sirrah-01
mother Daschenka de Pompadour        father Zucca Tan Mária Sirrah

Puppies from us:

Puppies from our kennel are under constant veterinary supervision. Their mother and father are examined to PL and PRA with a negative result. Puppies leave for new homes the earliest at eight week old. They are properly vaccinated and rided worms. They have identification chip. The new owner receives a purchase contract, Pet Passport, FCI pedigree and basic equipment (feed, blanket, toy). If new owner never had a dog, I‘ll add a lots of advice. :-)

I‘ll be glad to contact for ever with the owners of our puppies and I offer all rearing service.

edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-02 francis-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-04 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02

If you are interested in our puppy:

Will you please write to me something about yourself, where you live, your family. If you have any experience breeding dogs. What sort of Papillion you are looking for: breeding dog, sports activities or just a good companion.