We breed our puppies with FCI pedigree.

Litter P was born on 23 Marz 2019.
We have 1 female and 1 male. Puppies are very beautiful, ideal body frame and movement, with rich hair.
Both puppies are excellent in nature. They are very contact, lively and confident.
The black and white female is available for sale, suitable for family or for various dog sports. Not suitable for exhibitions (missing incisor).

Father is Interchampion C.I.B. Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy
Mother is CH Comtesse de Pompadour

Fenka Princess Padmé z Krve Orthosovy (available)
190426-princess-padme-z-krve-orthosovy-01 190426-princess-padme-z-krve-orthosovy-02 190426-princess-padme-z-krve-orthosovy-03 190426-princess-padme-z-krve-orthosovy-04 190426-princess-padme-z-krve-orthosovy-05

benjamin zkrveorthosovy 1year comtesse-de-pompadour
Multišampion C.I.B. Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy                         CH Comtesse de Pompadour

Litter P

Puppies from us:

Puppies from our kennel are under constant veterinary supervision. Their mother and father are examined to PL and PRA with a negative result. Puppies leave for new homes the earliest at eight week old. They are properly vaccinated and rided worms. They have identification chip. The new owner receives a purchase contract, Pet Passport, FCI pedigree and basic equipment (feed, blanket, toy). If new owner never had a dog, I‘ll add a lots of advice. :-)

I‘ll be glad to contact for ever with the owners of our puppies and I offer all rearing service.

edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-02 francis-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-04 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02

If you are interested in our puppy:

Will you please write to me something about yourself, where you live, your family. If you have any experience breeding dogs. What sort of Papillion you are looking for: breeding dog, sports activities or just a good companion.